Miami Graphic Design


With today's vast amount of "do it yourself" desktop graphics and publishing software, anyone, in a matter of minutes, can design a logo or successfully work on a project that once was done by talented artists. Or can they? There is a big difference between just creating graphics and using a graphics designer.

The Miami graphic design team at A Logo Co. understands all the latest cutting edge graphic software, but what they bring to the project is the art of combining text and graphics to communicate an effective and compelling message for your business.

Just as a graphic artist does not have the skills to be your companies marketing manager, why allow your marketing manager to serve as your graphic designer? Too many companies's today are lulled into believing that graphic software, in anyone's hands, can compensate for a true professional eye in executing a project.

The aim of the A Logo Co. design team is to create graphics that are pleasing to the eye. What many people do not understand is that a logo cannot just look cool but also must convey the core message a company wants to send to its customers.

Some of the crucial elements Miami graphic design company, A Logo Co. will bring to your project include -

Understanding your Brand As mentioned earlier, your logo must convey your core message. Your core message represents your brand. Your corporate brand must tell your story, goals, and values through your company's daily business dealings with customers and employees, the written word and the graphic symbolism that represents who you are.

A Logo Co. design artist will take all of your brand considerations into account when designing a logo and uniform collateral graphic materials you will be proud of.

Poor Logo, Poor Image When you choose someone in your company to take time away from their real job to double as your graphic artist you risk poor design. Customers and clients take note of poor design elements, fuzzy graphics, and poorly balanced graphic aesthetics. A Logo Co. immediately overcomes these negatives with the positives of hiring an award winning team of graphic artists.

Save Money Bad designs lead to lost productivity internally in your company and the loss of potential business through the perception that a substandard logo might reflect the way you conduct your daily business. A Logo Co. will save you the money associated with poor design mistakes and help your overall bottom line with a design that conveys success.

Employee Enthusiasm There is an old western express that talk about "riding for the brand." An old concept, but more relevant today than ever before. A clean and cool logo that truly expresses your brand and looks great on business cards, letterhead corporate uniforms and t-shirts will give employees extra pride in the company which creates a more productive workplace.